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I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing

I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I Have Gone Missing

an extraordinarily moving piece that somehow evokes dementia – what it is to have it, to live it, to see it in someone you love – in all its tangled complexity and rawness, with occasional moments of quite sublime tenderness“.

 Pippa Kelly, Award winning journalist

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Supported by Arts Council England I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I have Gone Missing  is created in partnership with Dementia Pathfinders, St Georges NHS and the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Arts Service, Open Senses Festival, Dementia Action Alliance (Alzheimer’s Society), Merton Arts Centre, Created Out of Mind at Wellcome, Alexandra Palace, The project has three strands: (i) A series of Participatory Dances with for people living with young onset dementia and their partners/spouses; (ii) A Dance Theatre work-in-progress tackling social taboos about loss and intimacy; (iii) a series of professional development workshops.

Dance Theatre Performance

The premier work-in-progress showing was at the Open Senses Festival on the 19th May 2017 this included a talk by Beatrice Allegranti: Dancing Matters: Making Sense With/in Dementia exploring the role of kinaesthesia – the sense of movement – as a window into each other’s worlds with potential to improve the lives of people living with one of the many dementias, their family carers and to promote a dementia-friendly society.

The work was also shown in St Agustine’s Tower as part of Babel in Bloom and at Crouch End Festival, with a further invitation to show excerpts from the work, facilitate a workshop and give a talk in the Art of Gesture at Wellcome Collection - read more about this in Participatory Dances.

Beatrice Allegranti’s creative process is a unique blend of choreography and dance movement psychotherapy principles. Beatrice’s creative process blends interview text and conversation, movement metaphor and theatrically forming challenging, thought provoking and politically progressive material.


London Tour of Work-in-Progress: Autumn 2017-Spring 2018



25th November 2017: Psychoanalysis, Creativity and Education Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University. Booking

This will include a screening of I Can’t Find Myself  and a lecture by Beatrice Allegranti taken from the book that she is currently working on: Dancing Matters: Making Sense With/In Dementia. 

2nd December 2017: Merton Arts Space. Booking

9th December 2017: Alexandra Palace Transmitter Hall. Booking

23rd February 2018: Created Out of Mind at Wellcome – a special event for people living with young onset dementia and their family carers.

22nd March 2018: Michaelis Theatre, University of Roehampton

Commission: 2018

Takeshi teethc copy

The work has been commissioned by Bergen International Festival (BIF) and the Socially Engaged Arts Project (SEA) in Norway and will be performed May 24th & 25th 2018 in Norway – see News page for updates.


Responses To The Work So Far

Incredible...[and]...breath-taking…I’ve been thinking a lot about embodied experience, and through the work that you shared, and the ensuing conversation, it started to fall into place at a deeper level of understanding for me. I think that was because it became something experiential and emotional, rather than an intellectual process – which of course makes complete sense! It also felt like a relief, somehow, and as though I was being reminded of something rather than learning something new 

Julian West, Musician and Researcher, Wellcome Hub.

With the collaboration of great artists and a committed team work, through what seems to me as a combination of activism and art (dance, music, theatre and film), Beatrice Allegranti delivers powerful messages appealing to all our senses and emotions….let’s celebrate Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre’s amazing art work which creates awareness on mental health, as it matters to all of us

Alejandra Benitez Silva, GRACE, Gender & Cultures of Equality in Europe, European Commission Horizon.

‘I know Beatrice as a collaborator, a scholar, an academic, a therapist, a feminist and a thinker. Beatrice explicitly grounds her academic work in movement; to work with Beatrice is to move with her. I have seen and read work produced by Beatrice and I’ve been touched by it in the past, but experiencing her work performed live genuinely moved me. Beatrice combines the complex and the simplistic to ground an emotional experience in moving bodies. In seeing the performance one is engaged viscerally, somatosensorily and kinaestheticly. Your attention is dragged dynamically across the stage in subtle and complex ways that somehow engages an emotional response about a subject that remains somewhat hidden, or at least under the surface. As the dynamic unfolds and interaction between the movers intensifies and becomes more complex you feel increasingly part of the performance. This is of course brought together by the musical component of the performance that manages to engage, even further, an embodied response. The performance left me deeply moved in every sense of the word; affectively, kinaesthetically and cognitively’.

Dr. Jonathan Silas, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Middlesex University.


flyerV02-02_lowres17th April

Below are images from the Open Senses Festival with the creative team: Beatrice Allegranti (artistic Director & Choreographer), Jill Halstead (composer), Luke Birch (dancer), Sabrina Gargano (dancer), Takeshi Matsumoto (dancer), Aneta Zwierzynska (dancer), Manuela Torri (Project Manager).

Photography: Aidan Orange.


On the 16th June there was a studio performance of the piece as part of Crouch End Festival for a specialist dementia audience including all participants, carers and local Dementia Action Alliance group members from Haringey. After the show the audience joined us for a dance. 

Photography: Julia Testa

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