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Collaboration with Composer

Collaboration with Composer

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‘Working with Beatrice has allowed me to develop and refine the ways I compose music for the moving body, and approach collaboration, participation and social engagement. Beatrice has developed a highly original approach to caring for those living with dementia, which attends to the ways the arts can maintain relationships, and embody the stories of those around us. It is a creative practice that sets the highest standards of ethics and artistry, an enriching process for all those involved’.

Jill Halstead is Professor of Music at the Grieg Academy of Music in Bergen, Norway. Jill and Beatrice have collaborated for many years on dance films, feminist artistic research and live performance.

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‘Our shared process emerges through a collective focus on embodiment as a methodology, where kinetic¬†processes are central to our exploration of the lived experience of dementia.¬†We seek to challenge the traditional boundaries between music and dance, and the practices of choreography and composition by working with processes of transaction and synergy.’ Jill Halstead.