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horeography from Lockdown 2020

English // Italian subtitles

English //Norwegian subtitles for The Last Chapter Festival, Norway


May 2020 would have seen the start of a tour for Beatrice Allegranti’s ACE funded work I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I have Gone Missing. Instead, Beatrice Allegranti Company engaged in a choreography from lockdown and created this first short film with artist Neil Max Emmanuel to coincide with commemorating VE day.



Supported by Arts Council England I’ve Lost You Only to Discover That I have Gone Missing  is created in collaboration with composer, Jill Halstead and dancers: Luke Birch, Maria Olga Palliani, Takeshi Matsumoto, Aneta Zwierzynska and actor/singer Chiara De Palo.

The work will resume development for an up scaled full length production as soon as we are out of lockdown. It weaves personal, social and medical taboos about loss, intimacy, othering and embodied resistance that the artistic team have encountered throughout the process of creating bespoke material during the Participatory Dances. Beatrice Allegranti’s creative process is a unique blend of choreography and dance movement psychotherapy principles blending interview text and conversation, movement metaphor and theatrically thought provoking and politically progressive material.




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