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Beatrice Allegranti has been working as a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) registered trauma-informed dance movement and somatic psychotherapist, and clinical supervisor since 1997. At the heart of Beatrice’s practice is somatic, dance and the creative process as she draws on twenty-five years of experience as a professional dancer, capoeira practitioner and choreographer. 

Beatrice has trained in trauma therapy (NAOS), Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMPUK), and has extensive professional development and clinical supervision in Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology/Dreambody work (POP), and Keleman’s approach to Body Psychotherapy known as Formative Psychology (Spectrum). Beatrice integrates a somatic feminist approach with includes paying attention to bodily information and the way we speak about it. A particular focus of this feminist approach is how our intersectional ‘body politics’ influence the way we shape therapeutic relationship and our everyday lives. This embodied relational way of working emphasises the imperative of addressing unconscious or ‘implicit’ bias and the impact of racism, sexism, ableism, xenophobia and homophobia and trauma therein. 

Since 2004, a further contribution to the profession has been Beatrice’s development of a relationship between feminism, movement and cognitive neuroscience. Beatrice’s ongoing workshops and research publications address all these aspects.


Leadership in Psychotherapy Practice

Over the past twenty-five years, Beatrice’s clinical experience has involved facilitating therapy groups and one-to-one therapy within a wide range of settings: in outpatient adult mental health within the UK National Health System, for elderly adults with dementia in hospitals and assessment centers, with children who have a wide range of special educational needs as well as those on the autistic spectrum, with adults who have special educational needs, with Palestinian and Israeli adolescents who have experienced trauma as a result of living in conflict zones and across a variety of diverse community contexts in the UK. Beatrice is also an experienced consultant and facilitator for staff development and training as has worked with teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, actors, dancers and directors including work with Wellcome, NHS, Dementia Pathfinders, Codarts.

Over the past fifteen years, Beatrice has contributed to the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMPUK-UKCP) by sitting on a variety of committees including the Training and Educational Committee and the Professional Development Committee. During this time Beatrice has co-authored documentation shaping DMP policy in the UK.


Leadership in Pedagogy & Research Supervision

Beatrice held the first UK position of (interdisciplinary) Reader/Associate Professor in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Choreography at the University of Roehampton (2011-2022). Her research has won international awards and recognition (Norman Denzin Prize for Qualitative Research 2016; REF 4* Global recognition). 

Between 2005-2017 Beatrice wrote, taught and directed the MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton, and inaugurated and directed the interdisciplinary Centre for Arts Therapies Research at the University of Roehampton overseeing PhD research across all five arts therapies (Dance, Music, Play, Art, Drama). Beatrice continues to supervise and examine PhD and PsychD research in dance movement psychotherapy, counselling psychology and psychotherapy in the UK and across the world. 

UK and international invitations to teach her DMP work include: Sesame at London School of Speech and Drama; Confer, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility UK; The Polish Institute for DMT, Warsaw; Codarts, Rotterdam; The Theatre Academy, Helskinki, The Grieg Academy of Music, Bergen. 



Beatrice has a private practice in West London. 

Contact Beatrice Allegranti for individual or group psychotherapy or clinical supervision in London and/or online. 



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